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f REEDA is a multi-physics simulator that uses compact models. It can be used as an alternative Spice circuit simulator and will read a Spice netlist as well as its own (better) native netlist with many more elemenbts supported. f REEDA uses uses state variables and many new circuit concepts supporting multi physics modeling. It minimizes energy rather than minimizing current errors and so is much more robust than Spice and with high dynamic range. Many phenomena that Spice can never model can be modeled in f REEDA. Features include easy model development, high dynamic range, and support for transient, harmonic balance and multi resolution analysis. f REEDA's large signal noise analysis captures phase noise and the effects of high levbels of noise. fREEDA also supports the integration of EM models in transient analysis. There are at least 107 different models including the major transistor models, nonlinear electro-thermal models capturing long-tail thermal effects.

f REEDA is a companion interactive GUI based on the QUCS schematic capture engine see http://qucs.sourceforge.net . ifREEDA uses the Qt® is a registered trademark of Trolltech® AS in Norway, The United States of America, and other countries worldwide. ifREEDA uses the Open Source Edition of Qt®.

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User's Guide fREEDA's User's Guide
Elements fREEDA's self documentation plus model developer documentation
Analyses fREEDA's self documentation of analyses
 Programmer's Manual Guide to developing your own models or to modify fREEDA
f REEDA vs. SPICE Coming
SPICE Compatibility Coming
Application Notes Coming
Open Spice Manual Spice manual for multiple versions of Spice
Bibliography Collection of papers describing fREEDA developments.